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Financial Consulting

CIMA Group can help you reach financial goals, by providing tools and consulting services to help manage operations and overhead costs efficiently. We offer solutions that can help build stronger relationships with clients and maintain wealth, and the experience needed to deliver the answers you need to move forward.


As the finance industry is continuously changing, anything can affect the success of a business. Whether it is a company looking for solutions at difficult times or to assist financially with an idea, CIMA Group helps clients manage their money wisely to have a better and secure future, offering personalized advice when needed. No matter what your need is, you can always consult us to help your company through periods of change and innovation.

Credit Underwriting Support

1. Worthiness underwriting for potential prospects

2. Financial Statements Review

3. Due diligence investigation

4. Strategising per individual prospect

Logistics Oversight

1. Logistics management for timely deliveries

2. Establish key point indicators for air/naval shipments

3. Forecasting potential financial outcomes based on                delivery times

Executive Management

1. Managing Cash, Assets and Liabilities

2. Reducing/eliminating liabilities

3. Overseeing company budgeting

4. Direct consulting for incoming negotiations and new deals

Operational Experience

1. Planning for overhead costs

2. Financial forecasting for future demand

3. Consulting for expansion/product launch

4. Aiding in reminders for on-time payments from clients

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