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CIMA Group offers a flexible and secure solution for your business to improve cash flow by releasing working capital from purchasing your accounts receivables into your business efficiently, quickly and cost effectively. You can receive 85% or more of the value of your invoices on a formula basis to grow and/or expend as your capital needs require. Invoice factoring is a safe and reliable way to manage cash flow, and it’s not a loan. ​


We also do international factoring, a form of financing that gives you the ability to offer credit terms to your international customers. CIMA will fund their open invoices upfront helping your business grow internationally in a more secured way.

How it works

You sell products & services to your customer

You sell your invoice to CIMA Group

CIMA Group confirms & verifies invoice

CIMA Group send funds minus the reserve to you

CIMA Group receives payment from your customer depending on terms

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